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2016 in review

A year of growth. Those words echoed through my mind many times on New Year's Eve 2015. 
Each year I usually have a color that comes to my mind and a certain feeling about the year. 2015's color was blue, and I felt like it was going to be a year of change. Two-thousand sixteen's color was green.

Green, the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, 
is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, 
freshness, safety, and environment.
And I can definitely say that this year has been a year of growth and renewal.

 // JANUARY //

Last two pictures from 2015.

Our new year didn't officially begin until January 4th, because we were on "break" and it was the weekend. We spent the first few days lounging around, watching Ghibli movies, and we got some snow!

When the new year officially began for us, I started off with challenging my German skills. I wrote a long paper on my thoughts about a Ghibli movie we had just watched. 
It took me two or three days to write! It was hard, but fun! 
Now, however, I can see all my mistakes and cringe at it. My German skills have improved quite a lot this year. 

I began January off by studying homesteading, German, and learning Japanese with Matt. 
Matt and I only did about three days of studying together, and then we stopped. 
I was also trying to teach myself ballet. More on that later. 

The first few days were all about getting to work on our 2016 goals. 
I remember January had this crisp, cold feeling to it. 
Everything felt fresh.

January 8th, we took a family trip up to Port Angeles, ate at a pizza shop, and walked around a little bit before leaving because it was too cold. 
The sunset on our way back from Port Angeles. 

Another thing that we did a lot in the first month, was go to the YMCA regularly. 
Sometimes we'd go with the Johnsons and work out together. :) 

Working on our goals, watching Ghibli movies, working out, reading group nights, having some old friends from GA old stay at our house for a few days for M.INT, working on vlogging, and spending time with friends. That was our month of January. 

Oh. I also took my learner's test twice, failed both times. I'm still a little confused as to why, because I'd done the 50 or 100 question practice tests multiple times and got a 100% each time, but at the real thing I totally couldn't think. I was so stinking nervous.
That was frustrating, and now I'm like, "ugggghhhh....I don't want to have to study it all again." Yeah, so, I've been putting it off. I guess that should be one of my 2017 goals. 
Why can't we just use horses as transport? Then I wouldn't have to take the stinking test again. Lol! :) 

My January drawing. (I printed my second one out and darkened the lines and added color).

This was the last day of January:


Callah and I worked on blog designing together ( I hadn't switched over to this blog yet), 

We were still working on the Zombie Movie with the Johnsons at the time, having weekly meetings about it. 
Matt reading his newest version of the script to everyone. 

I was doing a little babysitting in February, and the 7 (or 8?) year old I was taking care off scared me to death. I had just put her to bed, and went to go sit on their couch to write and wait for the parents to get back. Well, their house is slightly creepy at night, so I was already tense, but I had my head down, writing, and I had this freaky feeling come over me, like someone was there. 
I looked up, and the girl was standing in front of me, in the dark. I jumped so high, and yelled, I'm surprised it didn't scare her. But she was laughing so hard. 

We went to Deep Lake for a few hikes, and one time on the way back, we saw a ton of eagles in the trees! That was my first time seeing eagles.

Morgan left some pipe cleaners in her car, so I made use of them while going through the McD's drive-thru.

Making friends at Target. No, I did not put those bears on the ground. They were already there. :)

February was a hard month. There were some major changes and struggles we went through.
 "Carry On" by Fun was sort of the theme song of that month. 
But life went on. 
We had a movie night with our friends, worked on the Zombie Movie pre-production stuff, we had our weekly reading nights, weekly meetings with the Johnsons about the Zombie Movie, worked on our projects, drank coffee, Matt had weekly meetings at our house to watch a Master Class with one of our friends, Morgan and I cleaned our neighbors' houses, and we filmed a movie with our friends. 

I worked on a little art in February, including the Snaps I sent Morgan, lol. ;) 


March started with our power going out due to strong winds. We had to eat dinner by candlelight, which would have been cool but we couldn't see enough to know 100% whether or not the chicken was done. But I think it was. I mean, we survived, so it was fine. ;) 

I was starting to study more about horse health, and about history.

I started spending more time at the barn with the girls, and Sarah let me work with Scarlett. :)

Working with Scarlett

We took a trip to Canada, which was cool, despite the cold and rain. :) 

On our way to Canada

It was so stinking cold and windy, Dad and I used the tablecloths as blankets!

We went to Barnes & Noble with the Johnsons one day. :) 

March was pretty busy! We were working on various projects, seeing friends, having a few movie nights,  I was going to the barn weekly, there were reading nights, Matt had his weekly meetings with one of the bros, we went on random family trips to various places, and there was a bunch of other random things going on. 
I'm pretty sure this was the month that we decided that there needed to be more days in a week! :)




Noteworthy things that happened in March:

  • Matt got his driver's license in March! :) 
  • Our friends had their baby!
  • I was trying to get more into vlogging
  • I was starting to get back into Japanese
  • Ashley and Matt came to visit! We had a few adventures, like going to Portland, Ikea, and Deep Lake.

Matt fell asleep on the way or back from Portland

With our friend's upcoming movie, we were picked to do certain jobs on set. 
I had originally asked to be a production assistant (PA), but I got the job of the 2nd assistant director. 
That made me a little nervous, but I didn't really think about it since Ashley and Matt were still visiting. 

I'm pretty sure on the same day Ashley and Matt left to go back to GA, we had our 2yr. anniversary of living in WA with the Johnsons. Well, 1yr. for the Johnsons, and 2yrs. for us. :) 


Our month immediately started by waking up at 5:45, and being on set by 6:30-7. 
The first day was a bit hard, because, to be honest, I had NO idea what to do! I know what the 1st AD's job is, but hardly a clue what the 2nd AD's job is. 
I was kind of freaking out (internally) about that fact. 
I couldn't ask 1st AD what to do, because that would take her from her job. 
So I got a quick "here's what you need to do" and I did it. 
I had to go up to every parent and kid, introduce myself, and ask them to fill out some paperwork. I was pretty nervous because I've never gone up to strangers to introduce myself (multiple times) and direct them to where they needed to go. I also was supposed to give the costume "department" the names of the kids that just arrived, buuuut, I kind of failed on that because I forgot the people's names the SECOND they told me. Whoops. Oh well! I'll do better next time! :D 

Movie meeting

Day #1 was the day that was filled with children, and parents, etc.

The second day was so relaxed. Most everyone was sitting around, waiting to do something. There were only two actors that day. 

I had to re-dye my hair red.

We went on a couple of location scouts with the Johnsons for our Zombie Movie. 

Dad started playing softball with all his co-workers, so we would watch Dad's games. :)

Listening to 70s tunes while making lunch. :)

I made Morgan a pretty intricate dandelion crown, which she liked...until she found bugs in the flowers. 

This month was a super boring month compared to March. Like, we hardly did anything, other than what's in the pictures above. 
I mean, we had some pretty awesome heat lightning, we went on hikes, we had our usual weekly meetings, I was studying German still, we were going to the YMCA, I did a little adventuring with Dad and Matt, and I ate sushi for the first time. I've tried it when I was little, but I spit it out. 
I was still going to the barn too. 


More location scouting!

Our friends hosted a party at their apartment's clubhouse. We met a new family there.

I went to one or two yoga classes at our YMCA (once with Mom and the other time by myself, which wasn't a very good idea because I was holding back from laughing the WHOLE time.) 
We were going to the YMCA more regularly, and I was riding Scarlett some more.
 Mother's Day was the 8th, and Dad's birthday was the 9th.
Our cat, Sophie, had to have surgery on his chest because he was bitten by a dog or something. He had a good bit of swelling, so they had to drain the bites.
Our family went to a MINT with a bunch of families.

Also, Mom went to GA for a visit, and the Johnsons' mom went too. So, of course, that meant we had to have a two night sleepover. :)


Blog post from June.

Yard sale hopping, Callah and I worked on more blog HTML and played video games together, I was learning Spanish (but did not continue), I was still going to the barn and working out at the YMCA regularly.

I had quite a few dog sitting jobs going on at that time, we went on our first family camping trip in many years (first time with Mom too), we went to see The Shallows, I probably spent too much money at Starbucks (again), and we went roller skating with our friends for one of their birthdays.

Also, at the YMCA, I started taking a four week ballet class. I was so excited to take ballet classes because I really love dance, but when I got into a leotard and tights....I felt so goofy, and I felt like I was in a toddler ballet class. The song we were doing...ugh! It was all super embarrassing, and I only went to two of the ballet class.

I don't really remember going shopping with the girls, but apparently we did. lol! :)

We went to go see Finding Dory with the Marshalls

Leavenworth, WA

We also filmed this short film with the Johnsons.


July blog post.

Studying languages. Going to the horse barn. July fourth. Swimming.
Pet sitting jobs. I started studying more about liberty work with horses, and I got to start working with Vince (the horse)!


I started officially posting on Youtube! :)

August was the month of working on LCC entries! Our friends were filming an entry, and then the Marshalls asked us and the Johnsons if we wanted to film one together. 

In this blog post I talked all about August. 

We were pretty much seeing our friends everyday of the week to either go film something, to work on choreography, go costume shopping, or swimming, or just out to get coffee. Not to mention the reading nights we were (are) still having.

We were shopping around (a lot) for dresses to wear to Rachel and Max's wedding, which was not easy because 1, there weren't many good choices, and 2, because I am very particular about the kind of dresses I'll wear. They have to be feel just right, be the right material, not a dress with an elastic band at the waist, etc. I was also looking for a red dress. I was starting to get desperate, until I found the one. :D 
I was also doing a lot of liberty work with Vince which was fun. :) 

Morgan started college in August, and Ashley came up for another visit. :) 


We were still working on fight choreography multiple times a week, and then we filmed our movie with the Marshalls and Johnsons (which you can read about here). 
There was a wedding shower, there were movie nights, there were more barn days in September. 
There was lots of coffee and lots of sushi,  and there were fun drives with Matt while listening to good music. 
I had a few more pet sitting jobs going on, I started learning Turkish, and I was filming more videos! 
OH! And we were (still?) practicing our dancing for the flash mob styled dance for the wedding! That   took up many of our evenings. 
I'm sure we sarcastically said "Long time no see" to our friends because we would see them everyday and/or multiple times in a day. 
There were quite a few days that I would go over to the Marshalls' house to work on editing our LCC entry with them.

And one of the most glorious things happened in September......TARGET FINALLY PUT SELF-CHECKOUTS IN THEIR STORES! Praise Jesus! lol! :D :D

Another thing that happened, was I became an aunt! Ashley and Big Matt's baby is due in June! :D  


The month started off with Max and Rachel's wedding, which you can see pictures here and Faith's vlog of it here
We performed our flash mob dance, which was a lot of fun, but I just rematched the video and yikes! Our dancing skilled have improved since then! :D 

In October we went to two haunted forests with our friends, we filmed our pick-up shots for our LCC entry, I did over 30hrs. of rotoscoping, I was working on more art and I was still working a little on my Turkish. 
Dad went to Michigan (where his parents live), and my grandpa had to have open heart surgery! He's fine now though. :) 
In October we decided to cancel our zombie movie due to not having enough resources, time, and so on. 
We had also had a Halloween party!  

In Portland for my birthday

Halloween costume


I was working on German and Japanese, we started choreographing a dance for our Christmas party, I got laryngitis and had way too much fun with it, and I started writing a story that I had had an idea for earlier on in the year. 
I rode Vince for the first time in November! 
The live LCC judging was sometime in November, and Max's entry won! 
I drank more coffee and I finished my 2nd 336 page journal of the year. 
I also bought a "Turkish for Dummies" book, but they don't have that book in English, so I had to buy the German version. Yup, so when I pick Turkish back up, I'll be learning Turkish in German. 
Two other things that happened in November was 
1. We got a new president.
2. Thanksgiving! :) 

LCC judging


We also put our tree up after Thanksgiving! :D


The first weekend of December was spent at MINT, and that was really good. 
Matt's birthday was the 4th. We went to Seattle to walk around Pike Place Market and we rode a ferry for the first time! That was cool! 
We had multiple dance practices a week, I got a hair cut (it was past my shoulders, but now it doesn't even touch my shoulders), and we celebrated Mom's birthday.

We had our big Christmas party with the community, then we had the Johnsons and Marshalls over to watch a "horror" Christmas movie (Krampus) like we did last year, and we all played a video game together which was a lot of fun.
We went driving around to look at Christmas lights a few times. I like that because there are so many neighborhoods in Washington, that there are a lot of Christmas lights! :)
This year we also got a decent amount of snow!

We went hiking twice in December. Once it was just me, Matt, and Mom, and the second time we went was with the Johnsons to do a photoshoot. 

We had two other small Christmas gatherings with our friends which was fun! :)
And then, Christmas!

On the ferry

For some reason we were doing this...on Mom's birthday 

Matt, Morgan, and I went after Christmas shopping, which surprisingly enough wasn't too busy!

Dad's work had an after-Christmas party which he went to with Mom.  While they did that, we visited some friends that live up north in Washington. 

We spent the last few hours of 2016 with all of our friends, cheering and making toasts to the new year!

WELCOME, 2017! 

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