Friday, September 7, 2018

Quick Update

Since my last post, a bunch of stuff has happened!

We filmed Matt's movie the second week of August!
Two +12 hour days in a green screen studio! We all had a lot of fun and got everything done! :D

At the end of August and the start of this month, I got really busy helping some friends with their business. We've been rebranding their company, while simultaneously promoting their upcoming their movie premiere! I've been taking care of all the promoting through social media for them. So, if you see a post from Abundant House Films...that's me. :D

I've also been considering opening my own Etsy shop to sell my hand-lettering! I haven't really developed this project/idea yet, so nothing has come from it as of right now.

I've also been picking my language studies back up again, and I did something cool (language-wise) the other day! I translated a Youtube video into German, and submitted the subtitles to the video! So, when my subtitles are done being proofread, then they will be on the official video and I will be credited!
I'm really excited about seeing them when they're published! The video was a super short video, and super random, but I just wanted to actually use my German skills for something. :)

Speaking of putting my German skills to use, I'm currently working on trying to open up another blog but in German! Eventually I would like to start a Youtube channel in German, but I don't feel super confident in my German (speaking) skills yet.
Anyway, I'm hoping to get a lot of work on my blog done today, so that by the first day of fall, I can actually open the blog up. :D

Well, I got to go tackle my to-do list! Adios!

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